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Dāo Needle Therapy is a unique modality that bridges ancient Oriental techniques and modern biomechanical therapies. Dāo Needle Therapy uses biomechanical tests, patient positioning, and a specialized needle to relieve chronic pain and correct postural imbalances by grading and treating ashi points and traditional and fascial meridians. Dāo Needle Therapy brings Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian therapy into a new era.

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Foundations Course

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"Thanks  for the excellent training this weekend in Dao Needle Therapy. Overall, it was an invigorating, highly paced, excellent workshop. I can honestly say that over the last 27 years of study and practice in this medicine, your training ranked high up on my list of all-time favorites.  Your enthusiasm is contagious, your knowledge of the subject is broad and deep, and what’s impressive is how I feel after receiving Dāo Needle therapy. Often times, training can be superb, however devoid of real clinical results. This is definitely not the case with Dāo Needle Therapy!  I would fully recommend your training  series  for any practitioner whether they have been in practice 2 days or 40 years."


- Greg Lane, DACM, LAC

Completed San Diego Dāo Needle Course, 2017


Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Director of  Clinical  Services

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine


Brian’s Level 1 Dao Needle class is amazing and value-packed.  Not only do you learn a new needling technique, but you also learn postural analysis, movement assessment and corrective exercises.


I’ve taken a ton of different acupuncture classes focused on the treatment of pain and have never been given anywhere close to the amount of usable information that I received in his class.


I was able to use the fascial needling technique first day I was back in my clinic. Patients liked the technique and the results.


If you treat pain and have not taken this class you are missing out!



Stacy Hewitt, L.Ac, LMBT

Acupuncture Health Company:

Interview with American Acupuncture Council

The Difference The  Needle Makes!