Dāo Needle Therapy- Needles, Certification Courses,Dates, Cost, & Registration

Dāo Needle Therapy uses a special style of acupuncture needle and a variety of diagnostics that brings Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian therapy into a new era. This unique technique breaks the stubborn chronic pain cycle and eliminates the need for needle retention. Now you can treat more people, generate more income, and separate yourself from the competition.

Dao Needle Therapy

15 CEUs


Cancellation Policy:

Prior to 30 days from the registered course, a participant may receive a refund of the full tuition minus 20% for administrative fees. Prior to 30 days from the registered course, a participant may transfer their tuition to another scheduled course with no extra fees applied. If less than 30 days to a registered course, the participant will not be eligible for a refund, but can transfer funds to another scheduled course for no additional fees. Dāo Needle Therapy reserves the right to cancel any course, although every effort will be made to not allow that to happen. If a course is cancelled, the participant will be entitled to a full refund or be allowed to transfer the funds to another scheduled course. Dāo Needle Therapy will not be financially responsible for airfare, hotel, or any other personal travel expenses if a course is cancelled.