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Dāo Needle Therapy Testimonials

Success Stories from Graduates and Clients

Read about our method from graduates of the Dāo Needle Therapy certification courses, as well as from their clients.

4.8 stars

Dāo Needle Therapy Graduates Stories


In my experience as an acupuncturist, I have come to realize that taking pain down from 10/10 to 3/10 is the easy part. The hard part is eliminating the pain forever. The Dāo needle seems to be the only thing available to my practice to take pain relief to the next level. I have chronic pain patients that will have pain lowered immediately to a 2 or 3/10 with regular acupuncture needles, but then they always seem to get frustrated and say, “Will this ever go away completely?"—even after months of treatment. In all of my orthopedic classes, seminars, and apprenticeships, nothing has blown me away as much as the Dāo Needle Therapy seminar. Brian has implemented a system that not only eliminates chronic stubborn pain, but gives plenty of before and after exercises that give good visuals for patients to actually see the improvement in just one session. I look forward to streamlining this technique into my practice as my acupuncture “Trump Card” to eliminate pain.

– Treayor W. Smith, LAc

Tom's River, NJ


The instruction for this class is nothing short of entertaining. Brian is very personable and eager to share his sense of humor. The Dāo Needle technique itself is quite fascinating, but the biggest value you'll take from this course is the advanced ROM and functional muscle tests you pick up. This is invaluable knowledge that just isn't taught in TCM school, at least not in my experience. Those are the skills that enable you to represent yourself as a truly knowledgeable provider to patients seeking your services for pain and rehabilitation. The technique may seem what many would describe as “aggressive,” but sometimes you have to get aggressive when treating chronic pain. And compared plum blossom, the Dāo Needle is not all that traumatic. Don't be scared—give it a try! 


– Adam Thompson, LAc, LMT

Denver, CO


The Dāo Needling course was a great experience for me as a chiropractic practitioner. As a patient, I have seen firsthand how Dāo Needling can be a very powerful tool in removing stresses encountered by the body. My primary goal, when signing up for this course, was to gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of the technique with the hope of gaining knowledge that I could incorporate into my own practice. This course far exceeded those expectations. Our course instructor, Brian Bowen, did an excellent job of describing the theory behind Dāo Needle Therapy, and it was obvious that he is very excited about teaching others this technique. He was able to create an active learning atmosphere that kept things lively and entertaining.


As a chiropractor, it was very valuable to learn about the pattern of fascial lines and how they can contribute to postural stresses throughout the body. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of time spent going over postural analysis and functional tests that can be used to assess the cause of a postural deviation. This gave me a whole new perspective on how to analyze patients and develop a care plan that will be most beneficial to them. The course packet contained additional material that will serve as a great resource to review protocols in the future and gain a further understanding of the technique.


My favorite part of the course was the amount of hands-on leaning that took place. Many continuing education seminars that I have attended in the past were primarily presented in a lecture format, and it can be very hard to maintain focus for long periods. In this course, we spent a lot of time actively practicing on classmates and receiving feedback from the instructor. I have already been incorporating the analysis techniques that I learned into my own practice, and I have had very positive results! I feel that my analysis of the patient is more complete, and I have a whole new set of tools that I can use to help people achieve their health goals. 


– Dr. Ryan Ronnebaum

Denver, CO

Dāo Needle Therapy Client Stories

Mary Ann H., 63-year-old female

Brian started Dāo needling on my neuroma after two treatments of acupuncture. The neuron immediately started to recede till it's been reduced by about 80 percent. He's also using Dāo needling on my back, and I've seen significant improvement. Dāo needling does cause discomfort, but the results are worth it! 


Erik A., 38-year-old male

Hello, my name is Erik, and I wanted to share my experience being treated by acupuncturist Brian Bowen, using Dāo Needle Therapy. I was in a severe head-on car accident 6/26/15 and shattered both my hip sockets. I underwent 16 hours of surgery and now have about a two-foot scar that bisects my glute and then down the outside of my quad, almost to my knee on both sides. The incisions are numb and are about four-inches wide. As you can imagine, the amount of scar tissue is tremendous. The scar tissue is also very painful and has limited my mobility. 


A while back, I was visiting and Brian told me about this new acupuncture technique using a new type of needle. It was specifically for chronic pain and scar tissue. At that time, I was just out of my wheelchair and using a cane. He performed the treatment on each leg’s scar tissue and, I kid you not, within 10 minutes my muscles and tendons loosened up. I was able to stand straighter and walk with very little pain and the treatment lasted several weeks. A few months later, I was able to travel back to Denver and had another treatment. By this time, I had been fully walking without assistance and had more mobility. However, the scar tissue was still very painful and limiting me. After this second treatment, I really could see a difference. The amount of scar tissue that was broken up was amazing. It was almost like getting my legs back. If only two treatments, spread that far apart, gave me this amount of relief, I can only imagine if I had this done weekly.  


Ami E., 36-year-old female

I have TMJ and related neck/shoulder pain. It had been “locked up” and resistant to standard acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage. I mentioned it to Brian, and he suggested Dāo needling. It was painful to feel the needles go in, more than acupuncture, but SO WORTH IT. Upon leaving my treatment, I had full range of motion and my month-long headache was GONE! I have had it done one more time since with similar, longer lasting results. This can be life changing for anyone with chronic pain.

Adam Thompson
Dr. Ryan Ronnebaum
Treayor Smith
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